Update Oct. 25

Editing sent messages, Labels, Webhooks to change in groups

Editing sent messages

With the new EDIT parameter in the message sending function, you can now edit messages after they've been sent. This is particularly useful if you spot a typo or want to supplement the information you've already provided.

If you're integrating WhatsApp with a CRM, this feature becomes a game-changer. For instance, if an agent makes an error, they can correct the text seamlessly. On the automation side, bots can update a single message's content dynamically instead of sending multiple new messages, ensuring clarity and reducing clutter for the recipient.

Label Management

We've rolled out several endpoints for effective label handling. Now, you can retrieve a list of all labels and associate or dissociate messages and dialogs with specific labels.

Labels are the perfect tool for segmenting and categorizing your dialogs. This can significantly streamline analytics and reporting processes. For businesses, this means more efficient customer targeting and tailored marketing campaigns.

  • GET /labels - Get a list of labels (20 in total);

  • GET /labels/{labelID} - Get a list of label associations;

  • POST /labels/{labelID}/{itemID} - Assign an association to a label (message/dialog);

  • DELETE /labels/{labelID}/{itemID} - Delete the association;

Webhook Expansion

Our introduction of new webhooks ensures you're always in the loop with updates, whether it's new labels, group member alterations, or updates to group data and contacts.

Harness these new webhooks to automate workflows like notifications, reporting, or integration with other platforms. For instance, get instant alerts when a high-value customer is added to a group or auto-sync updated contact information with your sales platform.

  • Webhooks: labels.post and labels.delete - new labels and delete labels;

  • Webhooks: groups.put - changes to group members;

  • Webhooks: groups.post - new groups;

  • Webhooks: groups.patch - update group data;

  • Webhooks: contacts.patch - update contacts;

  • messages.patch and chats.patch send events if labels of messages and dialogs have changed.


We've also taken the time to rectify several bugs to further elevate your API experience. Among these improvements are the real-time QR code refresh, the exclusion of system errors during uploads, and clear subtype designations in query responses.

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