Here are tips on methods for sending text messages, video, audio, images, documents, geolocation, contacts and links via WhatsApp API

Thanks to our API, you will be able to send a WhatsApp message to any number, group and channels (if you have the permissions to do so)

To send a message of any type, you need a chat ID. You can read more about Chat IDs here:

All these IDs are returned by the Get chats/groups/newsletters methods, which you will learn about in the respective sections.

Speaking of identifiers, we highly recommend storing a Message ID in your application that will be returned by our response, as shown below. If there is a need to reply, mark or even delete a message, you will need to provide the Message ID as an attribute in the method.

If you need to format your text, you can use our tips to make your posts more elegant: WhatsApp Text Formatting

Send Text Message

Send Media Message

Additional endpoint for easy send media-file as message. Use request body as file and inpath parameters for send parameters. Media message can be one of the following types:

Send Image

Send Document

Send Audio

Send Voice

You can Send a ppt audio recording to the phone number or group, But WhatsApp is sensitive to this extension, you need to be in OGG format and the codecs should be the opus, For more information, you can check out this article.

Send Video

Send GIF

Send Contact

Send Contact List

Send Location

Send Sticker

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