WhatsApp Phone Number Checker

This script is developed to check the existence of phone numbers in WhatsApp. It analyzes the numbers specified in the file and classifies them into existing numbers in WhatsApp and non-existing ones.

Check any numbers from any country. Determine which phone numbers are active and which cannot receive Whatsapp messages. Optimize your resources and save time and money.

This tool was created using our public API that you can access too with your Whapi.Cloud account. Getting Started with our API: https://support.whapi.cloud/help-desk/getting-started/getting-started

How to use


  1. Make sure you have Node.js installed.

  2. Clone the repository or download the source files of the script.


  1. open the phones.json file.

  2. In the check_phones array, add the phone numbers you want to check. For example:

      "`check_phones`: [ "number1", "number2".]


In the file checker_data.json you need to insert the token from your personal account Whapi.Cloud, as well as the number you want to check. It also shows the limits we recommend to use. daily_limit is how many checks are left, and refreshed_limit is how much of the limit is set on refresh.

Running the script

Open a terminal or command prompt in the folder with the script. Run the following commands to install the necessary dependencies and compile the script: npm i npx tsc

Run the script with the command: node checker.js

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