Receive data

Receiving incoming data is accomplished using Webhook. This technology will allow you to be instantly notified of any event on your WhatsApp. Our channels fulfill requests for events they have executed by a pre-configured URL. For each request there is a specific JSON body, which will be described later.

What is it and what is it used for?

Webhook is a resource used to link one application to another, providing real-time data when an event occurs. In this way, two systems exchange information without the need for any external action.

Webhook technology allows incoming notifications to be delivered directly to your server. This means that the Whapi.Cloud server will execute a method call published on your server side.

In order for you to receive information from Whatsapp, it is necessary to provide these endpoints in your application so that we can notify you about everything that happens on your WhatsApp.

The simplest example would be to receive a message about incoming messages or for example to track changes in the status of a message or information about new members joining a group.

That is, every time the connected number receives an interaction, we will make a request with the POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE method to the previously configured URL. (For each request there is a specific JSON body).

Our webhooks (Tracked events) - describes all the events that you can be notified about.

How to set up webhook? - how to install a webhook on your channel, in the UI and via API.

Detailed webhook settings - detailed description of additional settings that will help you in your work.

How to check the webhook? - tell you how to test your webhook online and locally.

Incoming webhooks format - here are the formats of incoming requests.

Receive messages - how to handle incoming requests with code examples.

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