WhatsApp Node JS Bot

Bot source code with basic functionality

On GitHub you can find an implementation of a simple WhatsApp chatbot that demonstrates the basic functionality of sending and receiving messages of different types and working with groups.

Using this source code will allow you to customize the bot to your needs or take it as a basis for creating any other integration.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run this chatbot: https://whapi.cloud/setting-up-chatbot-whatsapp-nodejs

We'll talk in detail about how to test the bot on a local, which servers to use, some tips and the main causes of popular failures.

The script of this chatbot includes basic functions that are often used by small and medium businesses and covers most tasks:

  • Sending a plain message;

  • Sending media: image / file / video;

  • Sending a contact (vCard);

  • Sending a product;

  • Creating a WhatsApp group;

  • Sending a group invitation;

  • Sending a message to a WhatsApp group;

  • Receiving and processing incoming messages;

  • Responding to an unknown command (for implementing menus, instructions, or a welcome message);

  • Webhook Setup.

Multi-device Supported API: It's NOT necessary for the phone to be turned on or online for the bot to work. You can use the app as before.

If you need help, just message us in the support chat on any page of the site. We can help you with bot installation or customization.

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