How much does WhatsApp API cost?

The price is 35$ per month per channel. If you pay on annual plan, the discounted price is 29$ per month. For more channels - prices are cheaper.

We don't charge extra for dialogs/messages/requests etc. Changing numbers on the channel is also free of charge.

Progressive Discount Scheme

1-5 channels: $35 each per month 6-20 channels: $30 each per month 21-50 channels: $25 each per month Personalized discounts if you need more

You connect the number to the channel. It is the channel that is charged for. You can change the numbers of the channel, but 1 number can be connected to the channel at a time.

Sandbox Free Plan

If you are just trying your hand at messenger integration or just need some time to familiarize yourself with our service, take a look at our free Sandbox plan.

This is a time unlimited channel, however it has slight restrictions: 5 conversations per day, 150 messages per day and 1,000 requests per month.

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