Our webhooks (Tracked events)

Every time the connected number receives an interaction, we will make a request with the POST method to the previously configured URL

Be sure to check out our example section for each request for a specific JSON body


This webhook tracks any changes related to messages, such as sent messages, incoming messages, modifications, and deletions.


This method will notify you of all status changes that your message undergoes, if it is received, read, replied to or deleted. The same message can go through several statuses, and have the same status more than once, which is the answered case.


This method is responsible for notifying you of any changes related to chats, including creating new chats, modifying and deleting existing chats.


This webhook is designed to keep you informed about updates to a contact in your phone, such as changes in their name or profile picture in WhatsApp.


This method alerts you to any changes within groups, such as the addition or removal of members, updates to group details and settings, and the creation of new groups.


This webhook is focused on the status changes of contacts, for example, when a contact is "typing" or "recording audio." It provides insights into the real-time activity of your contacts.


This webhook is triggered by any status change of a Whapi channel (instance), such as the renewal of a QR code for authorization or if the channel instance encounters an error, loses connection with the phone, etc. This is crucial for instantly knowing the operational status of your Whapi channel.


This webhook notifies you when an account is connected or disconnected from a Whapi channel (instance)


This method provides information about calls made to your WhatsApp


Responsible for notifications about the creation, deletion, or modification of labels in WhatsApp.


This webhook is dedicated to notifications from internal technical integrations of Whapi.Cloud, such as events from Google API Contacts or Google Sheet Sender.

You don't need to configure all webhooks, but the more control you have over your instance, the more you will be able to extract resources

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