The guidelines and best practices for Partners

This section is dedicated to integrator partners looking to leverage the full potential of WhatsApp through our White Label WhatsApp API. By providing you with the necessary infrastructure, our aim is to enable you to focus on your unique platform and services, ensuring your clients can effectively utilize the vast capabilities of WhatsApp.

We are committed to being a valuable asset to your business, hoping to contribute to your growth and success. Rest assured, we are here to support you every step of the way, ready to assist and grow together. Count on us for any help you might need!

Partner Program Overview

Our partner program is designed for a deeper integration with our service, facilitating the management of a larger number of instances (channels) on your end.

This will enable you to create, subscribe to, and cancel instances through the API, all without needing access to our admin interface. This streamlined process ensures you can efficiently manage your services and enhance your offerings to clients, all while maintaining your brand identity.

  • Reduced price for API access;

  • Management of channels (instances) via API;

  • Postpaid and prepaid system of work (by agreement);

  • Daily charging for channels (instances) is possible;

  • Dedicated support line;

Principle and procedure

For a detailed step-by-step guide and an overview of the integrator workflow, please refer to the following section: Partner Program Guidelines

More about API

Available API methods for partners, request format, testing: Channel creation

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