Why aren't participants being added to the group?

We tell you why not all numbers are added to WhatsApp group, why you may encounter a failed error when adding a conversation participant to the group.

This can be due to several reasons.

WhatsApp group has already been filled with the maximum amount of participants.

The maximum amount of participants in a WhatsApp group has been reached, which is 1024. New participants cannot be added. In this case, you need to clean the group of inactive members or create a new group.

Privacy settings

The conversation partner has allowed only his contacts to be added to groups or prohibited certain contacts from being added to groups. Unfamiliar numbers or banned numbers cannot add this number to groups.

Several solutions may help you:

  1. Save your conversation partner's number in your contacts. If you need to do this in bulk, use our integration with Google Contacts.

  2. When chatting with the person you are talking to, ask to save your number to their contact list. Send your business card for this purpose.

  3. Send an invitation with a link to the group in private messages

Adding a number to your contacts does not guarantee that you will be able to add a member to a group. WhatsApp is very picky about this, and is constantly improving its anti-spam algorithms. Sometimes, even your best friend's number won't be added to the group.

This is not API related, you can try to do the same from your phone and you will get the response "Couldn't add %the number%. You can invite them privately to join this group".

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