Interface for channel management

Here we will cover the capabilities of channel management partners through the interface

Please note that after connecting your account to the affiliate program, you get additional functionality in the dashboard.

The label "Partner" appears next to your account's email, the balance of days on your account is displayed, as well as an additional menu item "Partner -> Channels".

Both through the API and the interface, you will be able to create unlimited amounts of channels for your customers. You can do this by going to the Dashboard page and clicking on the "Add Channel" button.

You also have the option to upload information about all channels on your account in CSV format. This file will include information such as: Name, ID, Phone Number, Work Period, Status, Mode, Created Date, Billing Status (Trial/Live/Sandbox (dev))

Channel Interaction

Use the new menu item "Partner -> Channels" to access the channel management interface for the administrator.

On the initial page, you will find a search field where you will need to enter the channel ID.

The page will then load the details of the specified channel, and all the channels in your account will be listed below. The information about the channel you requested includes the Date until which the channel will be activated, the channel mode, and the channel token.

You will also have access to the channel control buttons:

  • Status - an analog of API call Check health, will display basic information of the channel;

  • Settings - an analog of API call Get channel settings, displays channel settings;

  • Reload - an analog of API call Restart channel, allows you to restart the channel in case of any problems with it;

  • Extend - an analog of API call Extend channel, allows you to transfer days from the account balance to the channel to continue its operation;

  • Unlink WA account - an analog of API call Logout user, allows you to reset the linked session of the channel and WhatsApp account;

  • Hard Unlink - in some cases, if there are some problems with the channel and it does not respond to API calls, you can use this button to forcibly reset the session;

  • Change proxy - in case the number is blocked, we advise you to change the IP address so as not to put at risk the new number to be connected.

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