If My Number Is Banned, Can It Be Restored?

If for any reasons my number is banned, can you repair it?

Banning is an action carried out directly by WhatsApp. You have a chance to restore the number and we will tell you how you can do it.

Payment for the channel on your account will be saved. You can continue to use our system by linking a new number, but we will need to change the proxy for your channel.

You can request to remove the blocking only once. Most often, in case of the first blocking, your number will be restored. But this will be your last chance, so we do not advise you to use this number in the near future.

If you are refused to remove the blocking - it is advisable to repeat the request not earlier than in 1 month.

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Types of WhatsApp Blocks

Blocks can be divided into two types. The first one is a soft or temporary block, where temporary restrictions are placed on your number, typically for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can send messages and use the messenger again.

The second block is a permanent block. A blocked number can no longer be used in WhatsApp apps until you restore it.

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