Send Emoji

How to send emoji via WhatsApp API?

Copying from website

To send emojis, all you need to do is copy them into your message text. There are numerous websites where you can find and copy emojis, one such resource is

Hot Keys

To do this, place the cursor in the text box and use hotkeys:

  • For Windows: Win + .

  • For MacOS: control + command + space Then select the character of interest in the pop-up window.

Character codes

We recommend using UTF-16. To do this, you need to represent the character as a hexadecimal number or a surrogate pair, two hexadecimal numbers. These numbers are available in the Unicode character table. For example: \uD83D\uDE3B

  • Click the Unicode column value next to the selected emoticon.

  • Then select the surrogate couples column

  • To indicate that the text is Unicode (Unicode) encoded, enter a backslash with a lowercase Latin letter u ("\u") before each hexadecimal number.

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