Add new member to Group

Adding any participant to a WhatsApp group

All Group API Calls to work with WhatsApp groups:

New group

You can add contacts to a group when creating a group or to an existing group.

To create a group, use the API method:

When creating a group, specify the name of your new group, as well as the numbers of participants who should appear in this group.

Existing group

To add to an existing group, you need to take into account a few nuances:

  • You must be an administrator or creator of the group;

  • The contact you want to add does not have a prohibition on adding to groups set in their privacy settings;

Use this method by specifying any number you want to add to the group.

You will need to know the group ID. You can get the group ID in several ways:

The group ID looks like this: This information cannot be seen in the application or Web version!

Adding a member to a group failed

In some cases, you may get a response like this:


This means that WhatsApp has prevented you from adding a specific number to the group.

This is not API related, you can try to do the same from your phone and you will get the response "Couldn't add %the number%. You can invite them privately to join this group".

This prohibition is due to the fact that your number is not allowed to add this unknown number to the group for any reason. Just add this number to your contacts and the ban is removed automatically.

However, we realize that if you need to add new numbers to a group all the time or do it in bulk, it is not practical to add contacts manually.

Add to contacts via API

We suggest you use our Google Contacts integration. You will need to synchronize your phone with your Google account and one method to add an array of all the numbers you need.

They will immediately appear in your WhatsApp, after which you can easily add any contact to the group. How to connect and what kind of request to send contacts is described here:

Sending an invitation to a group

If adding to contacts didn't help, the only option is to send a private message to the user, with a link to invite them to the group.

First you need to find out the invitation code. This can be done by getting a group or a list of groups using the method. Get the group ID, and then request the invitation code using this method:

The response will contain the invite_code parameter.

You will then be free to use the endpoint:

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