How to check who blocked you in Whatsapp?

Detecting WhatsApp Block

WhatsApp prioritizes user confidentiality and does not directly inform you if another user has blocked you. However, there are several signs that, with near certainty, can help you determine if you've been sidelined. Let's go through these tell-tale signs:

1 - Open WhatsApp on your device and steer towards the 'Contacts' section. This section's location varies depending on your device's operating system: Android users will find it in the top-right corner, while for iOS users, it's at the screen's bottom-center.

2 - Find the contact you suspect might have sidelined you.

3 - Look for their status and profile picture. If you can't access these, you might have been blocked. However, consider the possibility that they've chosen to hide this info through their privacy settings.

4 - Check for the user's 'last seen' timestamp. Invisibility of this timestamp is another red flag. But it's not conclusive proof, as users may choose to hide this info.

As a footnote, remember to verify your privacy settings. If you've chosen to hide your 'last seen' info, it won't be visible for others either.

5 - Attempt sending a message. A single tick mark next to the sent message for a long time might indicate you've been blocked. However, the appearance of a second tick mark means you're still in their contact list.

6 - To make sure, try placing a call. If it gets abruptly cut off or if the ringtone seems endless, you're probably on the suspected user's block list.

7 - As a final check, try creating a group including the person in question. If they don't get added despite your invite, it's a solid confirmation of being blocked.

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