Connecting a New WhatsApp Number After a Ban: Steps and Recommendations

Procedure and Advice for Connecting a New WhatsApp Number After Ban

If your number was blocked a second time, or if WhatsApp's support service considers the violation of WhatsApp usage beyond amnesty, you have no choice but to purchase a new number and reconnect to our API with a new number. If this is the first time your number has been blocked, it can be unblocked.

Unfortunately, simply changing the SIM card is not enough to secure your number, this is due to the fact that when blocked, WhatsApp adds the subscriber's IP address to a "blacklist", and it will be more sensitive to minor violations if you do not take the following steps:

1 - Write to our support your channel ID so that we can change server and Proxy for your channel;

2 - Remove the WhatsApp application from your device;

3 - Change the IP address on the device (you can connect to another Wi-Fi or another mobile network);

4 - Install the WhatsApp application;

5 - Register on WhatsApp with a new number that has not been previously banned. Send a few messages so that incoming and outgoing messages appear. It will be better if this period of "quiet" communication lasts from a few days to a week;

If you have been blocked, your IMEI (Unique Mobile Extension Number) has most likely been added to the list of numbers with suspicious activity. Even using a warm new number, there is a possibility that you may be blocked again. Therefore, we advise you to use a new phone to reconnect.

6 - Auth to your channel with a new number.

In further work, be sure to follow our recommendations for working with the service:

How to not get Banned?

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