Whatsapp API send message PHP

How to Send a Message by WhatsApp API using PHP

Before you begin, ensure that you have installed PHP and the curl extension on your server or local machine.


Sign up and connect any phone number to the channel that appears on the dashboard.

Don't worry, you can disconnect at any time, but it's necessary for WhatsApp automation. To do this, navigate to your personal account where you'll find a QR code for the available channel. Then, open WhatsApp on your mobile device, go to Settings -> Linked devices -> Link a device -> Scan QR code.

Now save the generated API-Key token:

How to Send WhatsApp API Message using PHP

Send your first WhatsApp message 😊

To send a text message, you need to make a request to:

POST https://gate.whapi.cloud/messages/text

const BASE_URL = 'https://gate.whapi.cloud/';
$token = 'bg3FeZJ6jWG2PRnw32g0oNkKO7k03GtX'; // Specify your channel token here
$data = array (
    'to' => '14409416972@s.whatsapp.net',
    'body' => 'Hello, world!',
    'typing_time' => 0,
    'view_once' => true,
$data = json_encode($data);
$url = BASE_URL . 'messages/text';
$options = array('http' => array(
    'method'  => 'POST',
    'header' => 'Authorization: Bearer '.$token,
    'content' =>  json_encode($data)
$context  = stream_context_create($options);
$response = file_get_contents($url, false, $context);
  • 'to': The recipient’s WhatsApp number with international format e.g., 14409416972 or chatID for contact or group e.g 14409416972@s.whatsapp.net or 120361234567890@g.us

  • 'body' : Message text.

Save the PHP script and run it on your server. The specified message will be sent to the specified WhatsApp number. Remember to replace variables with your actual details.

Please note that this is a basic example and doesn't include any error handling. For a production environment, ensure to add appropriate error and exception handling. Please don't hesitate to reach out to share your experiences or pose any questions you might have.


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