Not getting a READ status on webhook

When you send a message to WhatsApp, the webhook receives alternating events of the message being delivered and the message being read. Let's look at the reason why you might not receive a READ status

First, make sure your webhook is configured correctly. But if you are sure that the settings are correct, then explore the following reason below.

Whatsapp recently released an update in which it added a condition where if you haven't communicated with a user before or he hasn't added you to his contact list, then once your message is read, it won't be marked with a "read" status.

That is, he will read it, but WhatsApp will show him a notification that says the following: "The sender won't see if you read their messages until you reply or add them as a contact"

Accordingly, if the recipient of the message has not replied to you or you are not in their phonebook, you will not be able to get a read status in the webhook.

We suggest you use simple open-ended questions at the end of the message to encourage the user to be more likely to reply to you. Or you can send your business card (vcard) to have the user add you to their address book.

If we find a workaround for this problem, we'll be sure to let you know.

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