Partner Program Guidelines

In this section, you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for working with Whapi.Cloud as a Partner

White Label will allow you to integrate our API into your systems, providing additional features to your users such as messaging, group management, reply automation and other WhatsApp features, without disclosing that the basis of these services is our API.

Upon approval, you'll receive specialized documentation with API Token for managing WhatsApp API channels (instances). This includes creating, renewing, and deleting instances autonomously, without needing to access our dashboard.

Please note, we do not provide pre-made projects, ready-to-use solutions, interfaces, or dashboards for reselling our API.

Each partner is provided with one channel (instance) for development and integration testing, alongside unlimited capabilities to create new channels for further testing. To enhance conversion chances, these channels include a 5-day free trial period, offering a risk-free evaluation for your potential clients.

This ensures you have all the resources needed to fine-tune your service before going live.

A typical process for a partner to work with an API is described step-by-step here: Workflow: Step-by-Step

What the gateway payment process looks like is described here: Billing for Partners

An interface for your managers so you can do basic channel management without using APIs: Interface for channel management

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