Automatic warm-up module

Connect from two to unlimited amounts of WhatsAp numbers for mutual warming up by messaging, which increases trust in new numbers.

Introduction to Number Warm-Up

With WhatsApp's stringent security protocols, new numbers are closely monitored and may be blocked for sudden high activity. Number warming is crucial to prevent this, involving a gradual increase in number activity to mimic natural behavior and avoid triggering anti-spam algorithms. This process includes messaging, calling, status updates, and group interactions, essential for establishing the number's legitimacy.

We have covered this topic in detail and shown how to do the heating yourself in the article: Warming Up New Phone Numbers for WhatsApp API

Warming Up Numbers

Our Automatic Warm-Up tool is designed to automate the warming process, making it hassle-free and efficient. By automating interactions between numbers, the tool helps in simulating genuine user activities without manual intervention.

How It Works

  • Channel selection: You specify the channels to which the numbers you want to warm up are connected. These channels must be turned on and have a working session (Auth mode).

  • Setup: Click on the Start button. Set the timer to pause between activities, adjusting the warm-up intensity depending on the "freshness" of each number. For new numbers, we recommend an initial setting greater than 30 minutes, gradually decreasing this value each day.

  • Start: After clicking on the Confirm button, the tool runs in the background, encouraging the specified numbers to interact with each other, thus warming them up.

What do I do if I only have one paid channel?

You can create a new channel yourself in the free Sandbox mode (or ask our support team to do so). This will allow you to connect the 2 numbers you need to launch.

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