WhatsApp Text Formatting

Text Formatting in WhatsApp: How to Modify Your Messages

We have prepared for you a free handy text formatting tool for WhatsApp online:

Text formatting in WhatsApp can help enhance your conversations by adding emphasis to your messages. Note that this feature is built into WhatsApp, and can't be turned off. But how exactly can you format text? Let's break it down:

Italic Text: For italicizing a message, simply place an underscore at both ends of the text, like so: _text_

Bold Text: Want to bold your message? Place an asterisk at both ends of your text: *text*

Strikethrough Text: If you need to strikethrough your message, place a tilde at both ends of the text: ~text~

Monospace Font: To use the monospace font, surround your text with three backticks on either side: ```text```

Line Breaks: Breaking text lines in messages via API can be achieved using a Post request \n.

For example: Wrap text\nsymbol

You can also break lines in query parameters by sending %0A, for instance: body = 1%0A2 will give you:


Wrapping text with tabs: Wrap text\ttabulation

Move the cursor to the beginning: Wrap text\rsymbol

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