Unlocking Your WhatsApp Number

How to Unblock Your Number in WhatsApp

Having your number blocked is always an unpleasant situation, especially if the number was associated with business processes. If this is the first time your number has been blocked, it can be unblocked.

What to Do in Case of a Ban?

If we're talking about a soft ban, the easiest thing is to wait for WhatsApp to remove the restrictions.

In the case of a permanent ban, there are not many options. You will need to write to WhatsApp's support service and appeal the block. Indicate that you did not violate WhatsApp's policy and that this is some mistake. As a rule, the first time WhatsApp accommodates and removes the block, but it does not give a second chance, so familiarize yourself with our recommendations for working with the service.

How to not get Banned?

Instructions on what to do if your number is blocked on WhatsApp

Request via mobile app

You can regain access to your account through the mobile app. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Open the app on your phone using a locked account, and tap the lock review request button

  2. Form the message according to our example by filling in your details and click Send.

  3. Wait for a reply from WhatsApp. It usually takes 24 hours for a review.

Request via the form on the website

  1. Enter your phone number, select country code from the drop-down list.

  2. Fill in the email field.

  3. Choose to use "WhatsApp for computers".

  4. Compose the header of the letter as follows: "Please unblock the number 14046512598".

  5. Form the message according to our example by filling in your details and click Send.

  6. Wait for a reply from WhatsApp.

Example of a message

Hello. My number %14045624896% has been blocked. I don't understand what this is related to. I use this number in my company to communicate with customers. Please unblock the number. Thank you!

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