Workflow: Step-by-Step

A typical process for a partner to work with an API

Partner Workflow: Step-by-Step

The typical process unfolds as follows:

1. Creating a Demo Channel

You'll create a demo channel specifically for your potential customers, directly within your own service, integration, or application platform.

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2. Token Storage

Upon creating a channel, you'll receive a unique API Token. This key enables your system to manage the connected client phone via our API. Store this token in your database linked to the channel for secure, continuous access, allowing operations like messaging, participant management, and settings configuration.

3. Channel Configuration

You can get information about successful or unsuccessful authorization of a user via webhook. After successful authorization, it's time to tailor the channel to fit your specific needs. This involves setting up individual webhook URLs through our API for functionality.

Dive deeper into webhook configurations and channel customization options available to you: Webhooks

4. Client Phone Number Connection

It's time to connect your potential customer's phone number to the API. There are two authentication options for this: QR code or OTP (one-time password). Use the API token you saved earlier to call an endpoint that generates a QR code for the channel. Integrate this QR code as an image into your app/system. By scanning it, the customer can easily connect their phone to the gateway.

5. API Integration and Usage

Now, integrate our WhatsApp API into your service's workflow. Use API endpoints for messaging and group management, and webhooks for real-time updates. This step varies by your service's unique logic and needs, shaping how you leverage the API to enhance your offerings.

6. Client Payment Processing and Channel Upgrade

Clients directly remit payment to you, the partner, not to us. Your settlement with us for all channels—either through prepayment or postpayment—depends on our agreement. Following client payment, you transition their channel from TRIAL to LIVE. This is done via an endpoint that lifts any limitations previously in place.

You have the discretion to extend the channel's duration for a term suitable to your business model, be it 1, 30, 60, 180 days or any other amount.This flexibility allows you to tailor your pricing structure, whether it's a daily fee or an annual rate, and extend the channel accordingly based on the agreed period. This is also done thanks to the API call.

7. Cancellation and refund of unused days

If a client decides to discontinue using your service, you can delete their channel and reclaim any unused days back to your balance for future use. This unique feature sets us apart from competitors, ensuring you don’t lose out financially. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your resources.

Our White Label Partner Program is designed to empower you with the tools and flexibility needed to seamlessly integrate our WhatsApp API into your offerings, ensuring both you and your clients can fully leverage the benefits of WhatsApp communication.

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