Billing for Partners

How the payment for using the WhatsApp API for partners is handled

We offer two primary billing methods tailored to suit your operational scale and client management style:

1. Individual Channel Payments via Stripe

For partners with small amounts of customers or long billing cycles (six months or more), paying for each channel separately through Stripe provides simplicity and direct management.

Your account is assigned individual pricing. This means that all channels on your account will have a different plan on the Billing page. This way, you'll be able to create your own subscriptions and pay for your customers' channels.

This way you can directly control and adjust subscriptions autonomously as needed.

Please note, with this option there is an additional system of discounts, if you choose an annual subscription!

2. Account Balance Replenishment

Our core billing method simplifies large transactions. You fund your account balance (where money is converted to days) and then allocate days to your customers' channels.

We bill you monthly or on request based on the amount of channels you manage.

For example, if you have 75 customers, we bill for 75 channels at an agreed upon price, crediting your account with 75x30=2250 days.

Billing can be in advance or postpaid for days used. This method is especially effective for partners managing large amounts of customers and those who have developed full integration of our API into their service.

For mutual convenience, we bill exactly by the amount of channels requested, not days. However, you can always request any amount of days not related to working channels on your account.

How the Process Works:

  1. You request the number of channels or days you need.

  2. We prepare and send you an invoice within half an hour.

  3. Once the invoice is paid, your balance is credited with the specified number of days.

  4. You then allocate these days from your balance to the channels as required.

You will be able to delete the channel and return any unused days to your balance for future use.

If you still have questions, just contact us, we'll help you out! Write to or to the web chat on any page of our website and dashboard.

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