Views of stories (statuses)

Allows you to find out who has viewed your statuses

You will now be able to receive notifications when your stories are viewed with details: which number viewed your status and when.

Make sure you have PUT statuses enabled in your channel settings. We mentioned more about the events here:Mode setting

An example of an incoming webhook when viewing a story:


  "statuses": [
      "id": "yqJ_muc_kO8-1CcA-E8JdK1c",
      "code": 4,
      "status": "read",
      "recipient_id": "stories",
      "timestamp": "1710423471",
      "viewer_id": "61371989950" // The number of the contact who viewed your status
  "event": {
    "type": "statuses",
    "event": "put"
  "channel_id": "MANTIS-M72HC"

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