Sender for Google Sheets

Send a message to Google Sheets via API

Source Code

In source code, the bot sends text from Google Sheets cells to the numbers specified in the cells. Records the status of the sent message, and if the client responds, records his first response in an additional cell. You can use this source code in your work or as a convenient platform to start your project.

Here are instructions on how to customize the script from GitHub: WhatsApp API Google Sheets

What is the functionality of this bot?

  • Writing information to a table;

  • Reading information from the table;

  • Sending messages to numbers from the table;

Using this source code will allow you to customize the bot to your needs or take it as a basis for creating any other integration.

If you need help, just message us in the support chat on any page of the site. We can help you with bot installation or customization.

Attention: This section does not describe how to work with the interface, but allows you to automate mailing via API.

API Endpoint for Interface

The request will require specifying a Header with the name Authorization and the value "Bearer {your_channel_token}"


    "spread_sheet_url": "Link to the Google spreadsheet"

You need to give permission to access the Link for our account as Editor

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