Update Oct. 16

Hooks on multiple events (calls/chats/messages/statuses), profile management, blocking users

On October 16, 2023, Whapi.Cloud introduced a series of innovations that not only enhance user interaction with the platform but also offer additional tools for more flexible management and monitoring.

The update is already available on your channel. Go to your personal account on dashboard!

The opportunities and advantages of this update include:

1. Webhooks for Various Events

Now you can easily track many activities in your WhatsApp with webhooks. These webhooks cover a multitude of events, ranging from:

  • Messages: Track new and offline messages, edits, and deletions.

  • Statuses: Monitor the status of individual messages.

  • Chats: Get notifications on chat receptions, updates, and deletions.

  • Presences: Keep an eye on number activities or user online statuses.

  • Calls: Be informed about incoming calls, missed calls, accepted calls, and rejected calls.

  • Users: Notifications about user login and logout activities.

  • Channel: Updates on channel status changes and QR code renewals.

The ultimate detailed article about webhooks is waiting for your perusal :)

This feature allows for real-time responses to various actions and events.

As of October 15, a new update is changing some events. We continue to support the old settings, however you will need to change this going forward: "message", "ack", "chat", "status" - is deprecated, use "messages", "statuses", "chats", "channel" instead.

In this regard, we have also updated the interface where you can manage webhooks.

We would also like to remind you that you can manage hooks via API as well:

2. Message Source

With the new source parameter, you can now accurately determine where a message originates โ€“ be it from API, Web WhatsApp, or a mobile app. This provides an additional level of transparency.

This way you can separate messages into those that were hand-written by your agents, or sent by a bot through the API.

3. Enhanced Settings

Stickers have been incorporated into the auto_download settings, offering you more options for automatic content download. With this setting, the hook will have a "link" field that will store the url to the file.

You can use this to immediately display files in your chat interface without downloading the files themselves.

4. Profile and Blocklist Management

New management methods allow you to control and customize user profiles (name, description, picture) and manage their block lists.

5. Increased Base64 Limit

You can send larger files thanks to the increased base64 limit, now up to 200 MB.

6. Improved Proxies

With the addition and extension of channel proxies, you get more secure and stable access to the API.

7. Fixes and Optimizations

Each update also brings stability enhancements and bug fixes. This update is no exception.

  • Fixed the "lastMessage" parameter when receiving chats;

  • Fixed avatars retrieval in new groups;

  • Correct "target" implemented in the webhook for message reactions;

Updated and improved the recommendation article on how not to get blocked by WhatsApp.

Remember, if you have any questions or issues along the way, our support team is always available to help. We value every user and strive to ensure that your experience with our API is as smooth and efficient as possible.

You can write to the web chat widget on our main website, or in your personal account. Or write to us by e-mail: care@whapi.cloud

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