March Update

Powerful gateway optimization and acceleration, sending short video messages and catalog, stories views and a large amount of other improvements

Major Backend Upgrade Boosts Our WhatsApp API Performance

For the past two weeks, we've been rigorously testing and analyzing data from our massive backend upgrade, which has significantly enhanced the performance of our WhatsApp API gateway. Our infrastructure has been optimized for maximum performance and efficiency.

This comprehensive upgrade has not only improved channel uptime, but also allows you to process large volumes of chats and messages without any problems or delays.

We have seen an increase in the speed of processing requests by 4-8 times!

Sending short video messages

Video messages on WhatsApp allow you to instantly record and share up to 60-second video messages directly in the chat. Method responsible for sending PTV to your chats:

This method is responsible for sending a short video in the circle for chats

Sending and customization of the catalog

The new API Call is responsible for generating and sending a "product" type message with a link to your store.

The method allows to customize the image, title and description of the store.

Allows you to send a store associated with any phone number, not just your own.

Beta Testing: Receiving sms code for number registration via API without phone

To participate in the beta test, please contact our support, we will tell you about the next steps

This method will allow you to connect to the API over a mobile socket, which reduces the risk of your number being blocked.

Attention: it is important to use an individual mobile proxy of the region, the number you register and plan to use! Do not connect numbers if you do not have such a proxy!

If the number does not exist in WhatsApp, this will cause it to be registered in the app. This way you will be able to start new numbers automatically.

In response to the request, you will receive a Call (with Voice Code) or an SMS code to be entered in the WhatsApp app.

Note: This works even if you do not have a physical carrier of the number, i.e. a phone!

How to register a number without a phone

Enter the number of the phone you purchased in a POST request to

  "phone_number": "601154435161",
  "method": "sms"

In the response you get the OTP code, possibly also the values for the captcha code. Now with the same POST request we send this information to the same Api Url:

  "phone_number": "601154435161",
  "method": "sms",
  "code": "842397"

If you have done everything correctly, your new phone number will be registered in WhatsApp and you can use it without a gadget. Moreover, this connection eliminates WhatsApp session disconnections, as your "virtual" phone will always keep the session active.

Information about views of stories and messages in the group

Now you can get information about who and how many times your status (stories) or a message in a group has been viewed. All you need is the message ID.

See who's been looking at your statuses and messages

Example of a response to a request:

  "statuses": [
      "id": "IXiocXvwx5tM6M1U0.Ma.g-0okBq526t1E1XA-EoRX88I",
      "code": 4,
      "status": "read",
      "recipient_id": "",
      "timestamp": "1710423370",
      "viewer_id": "61398176983" // The number of the contact who viewed your status

Webhook to view stories (status)

You will now be able to receive notifications when your stories are viewed with details: which number viewed your status and when.

Make sure you have PUT statuses enabled in your channel settings.

An example of an incoming webhook when viewing a story:

  "statuses": [
      "id": "yqJ_muc_kO8-1CcA-E8JdK1c",
      "code": 4,
      "status": "read",
      "recipient_id": "stories",
      "timestamp": "1710423471",
      "viewer_id": "61398176983" // The number of the contact who viewed your status
  "event": {
    "type": "statuses",
    "event": "put"
  "channel_id": "MANTIS-M72HC"

We've upgraded our gateway to automatically detect media file extensions, eliminating errors when sending videos or images via links without specified extensions.

Group Settings: Announcements and Restricted Modes

Group information now includes settings visibility. If "restricted" is true, only admins can change settings. If "announcements" is true, only admins can post messages.

Retry on File Upload Error

Should any issues arise while uploading files to the cloud for a mediaID, we've implemented a retry mechanism to ensure successful uploads, guaranteeing no media gets left behind.

Channel wakeup via QR code request

The channel went to sleep when inactive for a long time. To restore its work it was enough to use /health. Now the QR code call also initializes the channel and allows you to immediately get a QR code for authorization.

Channel settings: Several new features

A few of the new settings are described below

Automatic loading of profile pictures of all contacts when authorizing a number

There is a new channel setting, "media init_avatars". Set it to true to not download all avatars of contacts immediately after the number is connected, which will reduce the amount of requests in WhatsApp and increase security, especially for new numbers. Activate this setting if you need to know about contact images immediately (e.g. you have developed a webchat service)

Offline mode for your number (affects iPhone notifications)

The "offline_mode" parameter allows the account to not be labeled as online. This solves the problem for Iphones with not receiving push notifications.

If true, the API will not send the online status to the server when you connect. This will allow you to receive push notifications to devices connected to the number. After changing the setting, you need to re-authorize the channel.

Uploading old/new messages

Parameter "full_history" - allows you to fully synchronize the history of messages in the local cache. This means that after connecting the number to the channel, you will immediately have access to the entire history of correspondence. If true, all messages will be cached after connection. If false, only new messages will be cached. After changing the setting, you need to re-authorize.

CSV channels export in partner account

We gave our partners the opportunity to export information about all channels in the project in CSV format. The exported file has information about channels at the moment of downloading: Name, ID, Phone Number, Work Period, Status, Mode

Source code and a guide to the Google Sheets API and mailings via spreadsheets

We've prepared detailed step-by-step instructions and source code to connect the Google Sheets API and send out messages via spreadsheets:

Sender for Google Sheets

Source code of the Channel-to-Channel Request Distributor for bulk mailings and number checks

A large amount of channels requires additional measures from the developer to ensure that all these channels work efficiently and cohesively. This is where we turn to the balancer, which helps to distribute requests evenly across all channels, ensuring efficient results. When you run the script, it creates a chain of your channels that sequentially perform the same actions, succeeding each other. If something happens to one channel, other channels take its place, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Using the balancer significantly increases the reliability and efficiency of mass automation, ensuring stable operation and minimizing the risks of blocking.

Handling a soft ban

A soft ban involves partially blocking the activity of your number. For example, you'll be able to send messages but not create groups. Or view and respond to messages, but without the ability to write new messages. This blocking is temporary and is related to atypical activity of your number. If you encounter error 429 (Too Many Requests), it means that your number has fallen under soft blocking. This is not a permanent ban yet, which means you will be able to continue using the number, but with some time restrictions.

A few tips on what to do if you encounter a soft ban: 429 (Too Many Requests) - Soft Ban


  • Fixed getting products;

  • Fixed Unread parameter value calculation when getting Chats;

  • Fixed Total parameter value counting when getting groups;

  • Fixed getting messages from channel ( Get newsletter messages ) ;

  • Business version of the application is defined more accurately;

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