December Update

WhatsApp Channels, Statuses (stories) in the API. Authorization by phone number. New actions in Zapier, Mass checker on GitHub and more.

WhatsApp Channels

Create a channel to share updates and connect with your followers directly through WhatsApp. You can find channels in App under the Updates tab (formerly the Status tab).

We will gradually introduce new channel features, along with the development of this trend at WhatsApp. We will have automation available for any action related to channels.

Right now it is available to get a list of channels, create a channel, send a message to a channel, and receive messages from a channel.

Getting a list of channels

Allows you to get you all the channels you have subscribed to

In response to the query you will get channel IDs, title, description, picture previews and some other useful data.

Creating a WhatsApp channel

Creates 1 channel with specified data (name, description, image profile)

Send a text post to WhatsApp channel

Send a text message to any number, group or channel

You can only send a message to a channel where you are an administrator

You will need a channel ID, it looks like this: 120336031708062844@newsletter

An example of sending a text message to a channel:

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'authorization: Bearer iBScB4sbdXhvVwcPwDCzVpNB1o2bBmcs' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
  "typing_time": 0,
  "to": "120336031708062844@newsletter",
  "body": "Hey, everybody! This is my first post in the channel!"

To send media messages to the channel, use appropriate methods along the same lines.

WhatsApp Statuses (like Stories)

Status lets you share text, photo, video, and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can send and receive status updates with people when you both have each other saved as contacts.You can find status updates in the Updates tab (formerly Status) along with WhatsApp Channels.

Get list of stories

Please note that publications can be received even after 24 hours have elapsed. They will not be lost. You can filter statuses by time yourself.

Create & publish story

Status can be both media format (picture, video) and text format (you can choose the background color, text color, text font). However, you cannot change the font text, background color, etc. when loading an image, as they interchange each other (media format takes priority).

Authorization by phone number

You can now link a device using your primary account phone number and a one-time code. Up to four linked devices can be linked without the need to keep your primary phone connected. For the best experience, update to the latest version of WhatsApp.

You can use authorization by phone number both through API and our interface.

In API the method "Get auth code by phone number" will help you:

You need to know your channel token, that way you can connect your customers without a QR code

What's that to you?

If you are using a gateway within White Label, this will make it even easier and faster for you to offer number connectivity to your customers.

  • You don't have to worry about outdated QR code, constantly updating it.

  • No need to customize interfaces to QR images.

  • Getting an OTP code will allow you to authorize WhatsApp even from the customer's phone.

  • It will speed up the demonstration of your service features

As for our interface, this is available as well in the first authorization step:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone (If you receive a Push Notification, use it and go straight to last step)

  2. Tap Menu or Settings and select Linked Devices

  3. Tap on Link a device

  4. Tap Link with phone number instead and enter Code on your phone

Creating and editing products

Managing your store through APIs is taken to the next level. Now you can autonomously keep your store in WhatsApp always up to date, update prices, add products, etc.

See goods by phone number

Check if the specified phone number has goods added to WhatsApp. See which products they are, their photos, prices and description. The cell phone user will not know about it!

Useful for tracking changes from competitors or finding a target audience.

New triggers and actions in Zapier

The no-code Zapier has new events and actions to help you customize integrations of any level of complexity for any purpose.


  • New message

  • Call received

  • Member joined group

  • New conversation

  • Group message received

  • Member left group


  • Send text message

  • Check if a phone number exists

  • Send media message

  • Send group text message

  • Send group media message

  • Get groups

  • Get group participants

You can find more information about integration with Zapier in our knowledge base:


Get full-size images of contacts/chats/groups

Previously, when receiving chats or contacts, you could see profile pics in the reply, but they were small size pictures: 96x96. Now you can get large-sized avatars for any chat rooms and groups. The _full parameter is responsible for this.

By phone number, even if there has been no correspondence, you can now get a profile picture and description:

WhatsApp Mass Checker on GitHub

This script is designed for mass checking the existence of numbers in WhatsApp (whether they have Whatsapp installed). You can check either a few numbers or an array.

It analyzes the numbers specified in the phones.json file and classifies them into existing in WhatsApp (exist_phones) and non-existing (not_exist_phones).

Check any numbers from any country. Determine which phone numbers are active and which cannot receive Whatsapp messages.

Free DialogFlow integration

Take advantage of out-of-the-box integration to improve communication with chatbot users

How to use DialogFlow in WhatsApp: Customized for you, NLP Bot fast and accurate analysis of incoming messages, generating relevant and informative responses for your customers.

The integration is completely free and setup takes just one minute. For more details on how to connect, see the page:


Add the channel IP to the Whitelist

GET /health lets you see the IP address of the channel from which webhooks are sent. This will allow you to whitelist it and not miss important notifications.

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