Integrate WhatsApp API to any Apps

Integration is no longer available. However, in order for our customers not to lose the opportunity to automate their messenger, we have released a convenient and cheaper analog - this integration with We have fully duplicated all the functionality and will be happy to help you migrate to it.

Our integration with Zapier allows you to connect your WhatsApp with thousands of third-party apps. You can trigger actions by reacting to messages in WhatsApp, or you can send messages yourself to any number or WhatsApp group.

The integration also supports sharing - for example, you can transfer the content of a message received in your WhatsApp to any other service, such as Gmail or your CRM.

You have access to a large list of actions and triggers:

Available triggers

  1. New message;

  2. WhatsApp Call Received: Triggers when a new WhatsApp call is received;

  3. Participant Joined a WhatsApp Group: Triggers when someone joins a WhatsApp Group;

  4. Participant Was Removed From a WhatsApp Group: Triggers when someone is removed from a WhatsApp Group;

  5. New WhatsApp Conversation: Triggers when a new WhatsApp conversation is started on your connected number;

  6. WhatsApp Group Message Received: Triggers when a new WhatsApp Group Message is received;

  7. Participant Left a WhatsApp Group: Triggers when someone leaves a WhatsApp Group.

Available actions

  1. Check if a Phone Number Has WhatsApp: Check if a Given Number Has a WhatsApp Account;

  2. Send a WhatsApp Media Message: Send a multimedia message like an image, video, document, or audio to a WhatsApp-enabled phone number;

  3. Send a WhatsApp Group Text Message: Send a text message to a WhatsApp Group;

  4. Send a WhatsApp Group Media Message: Send a multimedia message like an image, video, document, or audio to a WhatsApp Group;

  5. Get WhatsApp Groups: Gets all WhatsApp groups your connected number is a participant of;

  6. Get WhatsApp Group Participants: Gets all participants of a WhatsApp Group you are part of;

  7. Send a WhatsApp Text Message: Send text message to specific WhatsApp phone number;

  8. Send text to Channel;

  9. Send media to Channel.

You can use our Zapier integration by having a free Zapier account. However, each trigger of the integration is counted as a task, and if you exhaust all the tasks available in the free version, the integration will stop working. Keep an eye on the counters.

Create new connection

Connecting an account is simple. All you need is your channel token. For convenience, you can also add a channel ID. Below we will show you where you can find these data.

Integration parameters You can read about how the system works at We won't go into it in depth, we will only note that Zaps consists of triggers and actions.


Triggers are activities that happen in a certain app that Zapier is monitoring:

Once a trigger happens, Zapier can trigger an action in another app.


Actions are activities in a certain app, which are triggered by Zapier when a Zap is triggered.

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