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Checking if the number has Whatsapp

How to check if a client's phone is connected to WhatsApp?
You will need the token of your phone-connected channel. And then the method in our documentation:
In the parameters you need to specify "blocking": "wait" for the first request. This allows you to wait for the check result and get a correct response.
And specify the contacts you need in the contacts parameter. invalid status implies that the number does not have WhatsApp.
Accordingly, you can copy the code snippet and use it in your work. Adding additional pauses and limits to it to reduce the risks of blocking.
We have a very simple source for the checker on GitHub:
We also advise you to send and receive messages to this number to make it active in correspondence (without spam). We don't advise you to use your personal number for such mass checks, because without any other activity, just using the checker, there is a risk to get blocked.